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All in One Solar System - NSB-01X.png

All in One Solar System - NSB-01X


By choosing the luxeon LED chips, single lumen value at 2401m/w, with the aluminum lamp base and sealed lens , with its excellent heat dissipation, it is as if the LED chip has been placed in a sealed unit. Thus it maintains high brightness levels with very little fading. The sealed lenses are made of strong UV protected PC and are aging and shock resistant; The well optimized light distribution, makes for a more uniform and wider lighting area.



Suitable to be used in : Street lighting.


Operating time              : 15 hours full power, intelligent mode (5-7) days

Input Voltage                : (12-24V) constant voltage

Control Mode               : Light Control + Motion Sensor/Time Control/PIR Built In


Working Mode.            : %30 of intensity at first 4 hrs, %100 bright when people or car pass by, then rest of time %30 of intensity, and %70 of intensity when people pass by


Housing                        : Die-Casting Aluminum, Anti-Corrission

Degree of protection  : IP65

Impact Rating              : IK08

Life Hours                    : > 50.000 hours

Standard color temp.:3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K 

CRI (Ra)                        : 70 - 80

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