LED FLOOD LIGHT IP66 with LED technique is the standard solution for Outdoor open areas, light spot. It is equipped with high quality electronic driver with Protection against sand & water IP66 as per Saudi & International standards. The housing Is die cast aluminum with high quality black Electrostatic painting .



Suitable to be used in : Lighting of stadiums, rest houses and camps .

Instruction Manual & labeling

Housing                        :  Pure aluminum die cast 

LED module type         :  Single module power 250W, Multiple                                             power options up to 1000W                                             

Independent                :  Assemble & disassemble can be freely                                         operated by hands

Angle adjustable         :  Each module can be adjusted ± °30

Remote control gear   :  Separate the driver & housing easy for                                         maintenance & reduce the pole load

IP rating.                        :  IP 66

IK rating                         :  IK08

Beam angle options    :  10°/25°/45°/60°/90°

Racked angle                :  Precision adjustable of installation                                                 angle