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Our family business was established in 1976 by our Founder, Sheikh Ali Al Nasser and has since grown significantly in line with the vision and strong values of our family.


Our family has a strong desire to retain and further develop the close family bonds that exist within our family and we therefore decided to create our family protocols with the help of PwC Family Business Advisory Services division. PwC is an international professional services firm which has been established in the region for over 40 years.


The protocols which we established with PwC helped us create governance structures such as the Family Board, The Family Council, Shareholders' Assembly etc with the principal aim of building and developing our business relationship with each other in the spirit of openness , fairness and collective decision making. We wanted to ensure that the reputation which has been established by our Founder is retained and further developed and that the strong values of our family are driven into the business.


Our protocols have also created a framework to support and prepare the future generation to grow together in a similar way , to develop their business skills and to create the right framework for their succession into the business. We also wanted our protocols to support the passive family members in terms of developing their business awareness so that they become good owners and provide support to management.

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