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LED Seminar in (Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam)

In the last period we added many new product families to our indoor portfolio. The enrichment of the indoor portfolio is done to offer you more variety and flexibility to select. To serve you well, AL NASSER PRO, owner of NOORTEK, has expanded their sales and marketing organizations in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam.


In 2012 we signed a Partnership Agreement with SCHREDER, Belgium. SCHRE-DER is a World Wide Leader in Road and Tunnel Lighting with a long history in Saudi Arabia. The exclusive manufacturing license enabled NOORTEK to offer you a full product range of high quality Road, Tunnel and Architectural Outdoor products.


In 2013 clients and consultants preferred LED products for Road Applications to save energy and maintenance cost. In our catalogue you will find an overview of technical and design criteria that are important when designing and specifying LED road lighting solutions. For indoor applications we expect that clients and consultants will start preferring led solutions to reduce the monthly energy bill and to avoid maintenance costs. NOORTEK has developed a full range of LED products.


Next to this NOORTEK can provide cost of ownership calculations and payback time calculations to compare an LED installation with a Conventional installation. The LED technology is the key stone of our 2014 strategy. AL NASSER PRO will further invest in NOORTEK to strengthen the LED product development team, expand the LED product portfolio and complete the manufacturing and testing set up .Our team is committed to deliver the sup-port you require in the upcoming projects.

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