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New product NEXO LED Street Light

Recently (June 2019) Noortek Released its professional Update to date LED Street Lighting Solutions family (NEXO) which is 

specially designed for gulf area requirements and can work with excellent performance if the most severe weather conditions  as it provides 

real 50,000 Hras @55C and withstand wind storms up to 160Km/Hr. with additional high-quality product specifications as IP66, IK08 and 

different options of light distribution lens and availability of medium and high power LED solutions to make NEXO is an international grade 

product for any kind of environment -20C till 55C, 130Lm/W system output wattage range from 50 till 350W.


NEXO series is a professional LED street lighting solution designed to maintain high
performance in most severe weather conditions (50°C, 90% RH) using high quality Die
cast-aluminum housing of IP 66 rating, IK08.
NEXO Mini, Midi & Maxi has the ability to use medium power LEDs or high power
LEDs. Fully customized using properly calculated modular design to cover different
requirements from 30Wupto 350Wand 3,900Lumen to 45,500system output lumen.  

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