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Mohammed Al Nasser

Board Member

We at AL Nasser Company are proud to introduce to you our own NOORTEK brand. A brand that offers you lighting solutions that meets the GREEN standards. The fixtures are designed to be very efficient so you may need less luminaires to meet your lighting needs enabling you to save on energy consumption and investment costs while helping to preserve the environment.


Our team of professionals is committed to driving new lighting standards in the market. With you as our partner, we can introduce new lighting standards offering more comfort with less cost. We are committed to delivering all technical and lighting design support required for your projects.

Waseem Al-Marzoki

Group chief executive officer

Waseem Al-Marzoki, Group chief executive officer, He has more than 24 years of experience in senior managerial positions in the field of manufacturing, sales and project management in several companies (4 years at AECand 16 at ABB). The last position he held was Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Alcatel-Lucent Saudi Arabia (the global telecommunications company) since 2014 until joining our group.

Mohammed Banaemah

Noortek Plant Manager

Mohammed Banaemah has proven experience in manufacturing and dedicated with wide-ranging experience in planning and leading operations. His track record full of devising, evaluating, and implementing continuous process improvements to minimize waste and reduce costs while maximizing quality and yield and establish effective quality control and safety programs, encouraging proactive participation across the manufacturing floor.

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