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• Designed to withstand a wide ambient tempretaure ranges: Ta from -20°C to 50°C.

• Maximised savings in energy and maintenance costs

• Right lighting through LensoFlex2® offering high performance photometry, comfort and safety

• LED engines with flexible combinations of LED modules

• FutureProof: photometric engine and electronic assembly is easy to replace on-site

• LEDSafe® (option) and ThermiX®: maintains performance over time

• Durable and recyclable materials

• Surge protection 10k



Optical compartment tightness level: IP 66 LEDSafe®

Control gear tightness level: IP 66 

Impact resistance (glass): IK 08

Nominal flux Teceo 1 2,200-9,000 lm Teceo 2 10,000-27,200 lm Correlated color temperature 4100 K

Lifetime residual flux L90 @ 60,000 hours L70 @ 100,000 hours

Aerodynamic resistance (CxS): Teceo 1 0.011m2 Teceo 2 0.014m2

Electrical class: I or II

Weight (total): Teceo 1 9.6kg Teceo 2 17.5kg 

Installation height: Teceo 1 4 – 8m Teceo 2 6 – 12m

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