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ViroGuard VG11.png

ViroGuard VG11


The VG11 disinfection chamber could be used in the public area, to reduce or stop the spread of the virus. VG11 chambers are able to sterilize the human body from germs, bacteria and viruses.

The antiseptic spray used in the chambers resembles hand sanitizer fluid in its compo- sition. It's different from the disinfectant liq- uid used to spray public facilities and will not irritate your skin or eyes. VG11Can be con- nected with different tank sizes.


Operation Principle:

VG11 disinfection chamber is supplied with automatic motion sensor which detect hu- man presence and start the spray automati- cally. Controller has time to adjust or work as continuous mode.

Technical Specifications:


Item Code                   :VG11

Dimension                  :2400x1140x2000mm


Working Voltage        :220-240Vac 50/60Hz


Pump Voltage            :36Vdc, 1.8A


Pump Flow Rate        :3.4 L/M


Max Tank Size            :Custom


Total Weight               :


Spray Nozzles             :6 Adjustable

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