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OFFILUX T5 is a recessed luminaire of 0.6 mm steel housing finished with 3-stages pretreatment electrostatic powder coating. The aluminum optic is used with purity higher than 99% and reflectance higher than 70% for LOR reaches up to 70%. DIAL certified photometry. Energy efficiency is obtained using an electronic ballast with PF higher than 0.95.



Offices, meeting rooms and apartments.


Mounting : Ceiling semi recessed

Lamp type : T5

Control gear type : Electronic

Voltage rating/ freq. : 220-240V / 50-60 Hz

Power factor : >0.95

Degree of protection : IP 20

Internal wiring : 0.5 mm sq. solid copper wire, PVC 105 deg C Cable entry : 16mm dia. hole on bottom of the housing

Cable connection : Terminal block, 3-pole, screw type with grounding

Conformity : IEC 60598 / SASO 1318

Light controller : SP-S/DP-S/SP-M/DP-M

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